X-Men covers with a nostalgic flair, created for Marvel Comics: first, X-Men '92 (bringing back the classic team from the '90s Animated Series) and X-Tinction Agenda (Secret Wars crossover continuing the 90s event of the same name).
X-Men '92 No.10 Cover. Series finale.
X-Men '92 (Ongoing series) #2.
X-Men '92 #3 feat. Dracula.
X-Men '92 #4.
X-Men '92 #5. Cyclops and Jean Grey return at last!!
X-Men '92 #6--featuring the Flaming Lips!! Yes, the actual band! Read about this insane crossover right here: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/the-flaming-lips-meet-x-men-in-retro-marvel-comic-20160511
X-Men '92 #7, featuring another awesome band crossover, this time with the Toadies!
X-Men '92 #8.
X-Men '92 #9--Apocalypse attacks!
Prior to the ongoing series, X-Men '92 actually debuted as a Secret Wars mini-series, for which I created the a series of variant covers (shown below).  The series did great, became an ongoing, and they let me continue as the regular cover artist.
X-Men '92 (mini-series) #1 Variant. Part of Marvel Comics' Secret Wars event.
X-Men '92 (mini-series) #2 Variant.
X-Men '92 (mini-series) #3.
X-Men '92 (mini-series) #4 Variant. Poking a bit of fun at the whole '90s gimmick cover phenomenon.
And here're the covers from the Secret Wars X-Tinction Agenda miniseries:
X-Tinction Agenda #1, homaging Jim Lee. This mini-series picks up where the original series left off--with Havok and co. attempting to rebuild in Genosha. Part of Marvel Comics' Secret Wars event.

X-Tinction Agenda #2.

X-Tinction Agenda #3

X-Tinction Agenda #4. In final conflict with Hodge.

Check out more of my X-Men art here, in the DVD Boxart Gallery:
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