Visual exploration for zones, buildings, and props in the CITY OF HEROES online game.
First Ward: monster-devoured post-apocalyptic zone.
Key signature building in player starting hub.
Isometric overview of starting hub.
Signature buildings within players' starting zone.
Senator statues within players' starting zone.
Hospital signature location.
Midrise building sketches.
Lowrise building sketches.
Moodpiece: Imperial City as seen from its central park.
Moodpiece: Imperial City at night.
Logos and signage for businesses and government institutions.
Government propaganda and Resistance graffiti. 
Signature buildings in later zones.
Tech mapset overview.
Tech mapset props and security door.
Tech mapset corridor, with props.
Computer props for tech mapset.
Prop layout paintover for tech mapset.
Cargo transport props for tech mapset.
Reactor props for tech mapset.
End room boss encounter.
Key prop for boss encounter.
Key prop for boss encounter.
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