Solo: Imperial Cadet No.5 Cover

David nakayama solo 5 1000v

Final Cover Art

David nakayama solo poster 1000v

Recruitment poster detail

David nakayama solo5 layouts 1000w


Solo: Imperial Cadet No.5 Cover

New! HAN SOLO: IMPERIAL CADET No.5 cover art by me—the final issue. Sort of a Romita Spidey-No-More kind of vibe. This was a bit like drawing TWO covers—scroll down to see the recruitment poster art by itself. (In case you were curious, the 'Aurebesh' lettering there actually spells out 'Enlist.')

Enjoyed working on this series very much. Learned a lot! Beautiful storytelling inside by @rthompson1138 and Leonard Kirk. 🙂 Ships in March!