PS4 2019--Official Playstation Magazine

David nakayama opm 2019 1000v

Final Cover Art

David nakayama psm 2019 1000v

Raw Cover Art

David nakayama deacon 900v

Deacon St. John from Days Gone detail

David nakayama anthem 900v

Anthem detail

David nakayama dante 900v

Dante from Devil May Cry detail

David nakayama zombie 900v

Police Zombie from Resident Evil detail

David nakayama sekiro 900v

Sekiro detail

David nakayama cyberpunk 900v

V from Cyberpunk 2077 detail

David nakayama ellie 900v

Ellie from The Last of Us Part 2 detail

David nakayama psm 2019 wip1 900v

Prelim Sketch

David nakayama psm 2019 wip2 1000v


PS4 2019--Official Playstation Magazine

Kicking off 2019 with a bang, here’s my just-released cover art for OFFICIAL PLAYSTATION MAGAZINE—UK! It’s their big Preview Issue looking forward to the biggest games of the year, so you get: Deacon St. John/ DAYS END from Sony Bend Studio + CYBERPUNK 2077 from CD Projekt Red+ SEKIRO from From Software + ANTHEM from Bioware/EA + Dante/ DEVIL MAY CRY and RESIDENT EVIL from Capcom + Sora/KINGDOM HEARTS 3 from Square Enix + Ellie/ LAST OF US 2 from Naughty Dog + RAGE 2 from id/Bethesda + CONCRETE GENIE from Pixel Opus—whew!! Yeah, it took a while to draw. :O Issue's out in the UK now and should be available stateside SOON.