Advanced Photoshop Magazine No. 126

David nakayama apm 1000v

Final printed cover

David nakayama apm heroes

Raw cover artwork

Advanced Photoshop Magazine No. 126

Magazine cover art I did a while back for ADVANCED PHOTOSHOP MAGAZINE. The issue includes a complete feature article by me, where I explain step-by-step how to work in a comic book style--from character design to rendering, with all the Photoshop tricks in between.

Over the years, I really haven't done a lot of tutorials about how I work, so this is definitely the definitive one on comic art by me.

I also did one about working in a painted style, but that's a different post...

Looks like it's still available here:;jsessionid=F07065C53E61F3C8F7A683EC2D63DC0B.prd-main-news1?skuId=416314644&prnt=&categoryId=cat1960154