Digital Painting Techniques Vol.4!

DIGITAL PAINTING TECHNIQUES Vol. 4  from 3D Total is now available, and you can get a copy RIGHT HERE! Weighing in at a whopping 300 pages(!), it's chock full of tutorials from all sorts of industry vets and includes step-by-step instructions about how to draw and paint in a wide variety of styles--everything from digital paint to comics to manga is covered.

2D Artist Cover


The book includes all three of the comic art tutorials I did for 2D Artist Magazine in one convenient place, but honestly, I'm even more excited to read the other guys' chapters to pick up a new trick or two!


Posted on 2012 Oct 07 by david
The first of my 2D ARTIST MAGAZINE tutorials (about comic book penciling) just went LIVE! The issue's jam-packed with 88 pages of how-to goodness, and it's available here.

2D Artist Cover

This is the first of three tutorial articles by yours truly, all on the topic of creating comic book cover art with a 'sexy girl' theme. Over the three issues, I'll get into nitty-gritty detail about how it was created, including all my tools, tricks, Photoshop settings, and step-by-step WIPs.

Here's the release schedule:
Issue 63 (March): Comic Book Penciling Tutorial
Issue 64 (April): Comic Book Inking Tutorial
Issue 65 (May): Digital Coloring Tutorial

Individual issues (delivered online in highres .pdf format) are a bargain at around $4, and you'll get a full issue's worth of content with each issue above and beyond my articles. Awesome magazine, and I'm delighted to be partnering with them.
Posted on 2011 Mar 01 by david
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Wrote a column that appears in the April issue of PC GAMER, on newsstands now! The article appears as this month's 'Dev Man Talking' feature, in which a games professional provides op-ed commentary on the industry. My topic? An analysis of comics and video games, comparing the two and suggesting areas in which they can learn from each other.

PC Gamer article
Posted on 2011 Feb 26 by david
HOLY SMOKE, it's finally here! CITY OF HEROES: GOING ROGUE is now LIVE. Here's the the official launch trailer, and otherwise, I'll seeya online!!

Posted on 2010 Aug 19 by david
The next major CITY OF HEROES expansion, COH: GOING ROGUE arrives on August 117th, so without further ado, here's the final video about the expansion and it's creation, called 'Brave New World,', featuring lots of commentary by yours truly. :)

COH:GOING ROGUE includes 4 all-new zones, 4 new power sets, 7 new costume sets, tons of new enemy factions to fight, and best of all--the Going Rogue system, in which your characters are presented with moral choices that allow them to change alignment and explore the gray area between hero and villain for the very first time. Check it out!
Posted on 2010 Aug 19 by david

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